The Now, But Not New, T-Shirt

Ah the t-shirt…such a simple article of clothing and one which will probably never go out of style nor be something the average American doesn’t own.

Right now the current t-shirt trend might require a little more than the average $10 a tee costs or the “free” college t-shirt a lot of us have  (I say “free” because it’s the least a student should receive for forking out $20,000+ per year).

Vintage t-shirts are making a statement these days especially those with bands that have remained classics through the decades, athletic companies that have stood the test of time, and old tees that have significant memorabilia on them (I REALLY wish I had kept that old D.A.R.E. tee…). The only problem is, most of us gave a lot of t-shirts away throughout the years and now we are kicking ourselves for not being hoarders. However, there are so many great vintage sellers out there to help us out!

I’ve listed a few below that have a great collection but buyer be aware…most of the authentic and rare vintage tees sell for $100 or more. However, think of it this way…you are not only helping an individual seller make income you are being sustainable and recycling great fashion and you are going to look amazing in the streets. Those are three wins if you ask me!

Adorned in New York

It is amazing to see the madness of NYFW over social media. From the amazing street styles, social media and fashion icons, and of course the runway shows themselves. I can feel the fast paced madness and greatness all the way in the suburbs of Chicago so I can only imagine how NY feels (one day I will make it there!).

If there was one thing I noticed it was the embroidery that flooded the collections. It is always my favorite to zoom in on the details (thank you Vogue for the magnification option). Below are some of the amazing threads that are just a sneak peak into the rest to come for SS 2017.

Check out these designers and all the others at Vogue Runway

Side Note: One of my favorites is the Creatures of Comfort collection because the embroidery was done by the low-key artist, Isabella Hill. Show her some love and follow her on


Why I Chose the Needle…

I am far from an artist. I really don’t draw well and sometimes the fact I can’t perfectly convert the thought in my head to a piece of paper drives me insane… but that is why I love embroidery. It doesn’t have to be a Picasso piece to be artistic…it can be repeating shapes and patterns or simple outlines that look beautiful when paired with the perfect textile and perfect combination of thread colors.

Before actually picking up the needle I was just pinning inspiration and other artists work to my boards. I was afraid to start. I was scared I wasn’t going to be good or understand how to do it. I was scared I was going to hate it and it would be yet another idea I abandon before giving it a real chance. I was scared what I wanted to create was going to be “out of style” before I even got good at the art.

I then started looking at old runways and noticed embroidery is incorporated in runway looks no matter what season and no matter how long ago. Any fashion history book will prove that true as well. I knew what I was intrigued by and looking to start was not going away anytime soon.

I love that it is able to be self-taught and with basic knowledge you can practically take off in any direction you want. The rules are a lot more flexible than I originally thought. There are multiple ways to make a stitch including a new way you might find.

Embroidery is a way for me to combine my love for impeccable detail, sustainability (in my case repurposing clothing), and apparel/fashion design. I am getting the best of all of my worlds and cannot wait to begin this journey.

Below are a few pictures of my work area! It is nothing big or fancy but it is a nice little spot in my mom’s house (no shame about living with my mom, she’s amazing and I’m a millennial 💁🏻) and has everything I need! It is constantly being added to as I realize what I need and as I become more and more inspired!