About Me

12249736_1212703568745239_2338686702889885634_nWelcome to Beyond Baehr (pronounced bare…Beyond Bare…BB)

A blog that is real, uncut, natural, raw, and honest. I write about things that are not made to look glamorous or be the “highlight reel” of my world. Just me stumbling along trying to figuring the beautiful craziness of life out.

You will mostly read about small things in my life that impact me: my calling for doing something more and good, my infatuation with strong influential women, my strange relationship with fashion and style, and innovative businesses (I basically live on Entrepreneur, INC, Forbes, etc.). The topics seem like a wide range, but they really all nestle together quite well to create an inspired and motivated me.

I have a battle inside myself and my mind so I am going to fight it out on this blog. So come prepared!

Thanks for being here and reading the Baehr blog!