The Now, But Not New, T-Shirt

Ah the t-shirt…such a simple article of clothing and one which will probably never go out of style nor be something the average American doesn’t own.

Right now the current t-shirt trend might require a little more than the average $10 a tee costs or the “free” college t-shirt a lot of us have  (I say “free” because it’s the least a student should receive for forking out $20,000+ per year).

Vintage t-shirts are making a statement these days especially those with bands that have remained classics through the decades, athletic companies that have stood the test of time, and old tees that have significant memorabilia on them (I REALLY wish I had kept that old D.A.R.E. tee…). The only problem is, most of us gave a lot of t-shirts away throughout the years and now we are kicking ourselves for not being hoarders. However, there are so many great vintage sellers out there to help us out!

I’ve listed a few below that have a great collection but buyer be aware…most of the authentic and rare vintage tees sell for $100 or more. However, think of it this way…you are not only helping an individual seller make income you are being sustainable and recycling great fashion and you are going to look amazing in the streets. Those are three wins if you ask me!

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